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THUJA – Arbor Vitae

Best remedy for warts.  Thuja is a strong homeopathic remedy that covers all "excessive" conditions - i.e. too many cells being produced (e.g. warts & tumours), too many thoughts (obsession).  Thuja addresses many conditions that arise after vaccination (although not all, so it is best to check with your homeopathic practitioner before taking).  It affects the mucous membranes, skin, mind and nerves mostly. 

Here is a picture of Thuja.  Do not take this medicine if you do not match these symptoms:

  • Fixed ideas about one’s self

  • Low self-esteem. Feel unlovable and that people would not really like them if they knew the “real” person.

  • Present a manufactured image of themselves to the world – i.e. put on a mask of a persona to the world

  • Feeling of ugliness inside. Self-contempt which is hidden

  • Discharges: yellow-green or green

  • Sensation as if the body is frail

  • Worse for cold, wet weather; tea, motion; talking; tobacco; heat of bed; yearly; increasing motion

  • Better for warm (air; wind; covering head); touch, open air; free secretions

DOSAGE: 6c or 12C – take 1 dose night and morning for 1 week. Stop if symptoms worsen. 30C – take one dose a day for 5-7 days.  Repeat at a later date if necessary (not earlier than 3 weeks). Putting the remedy topically on the wart as well can help, but homeopathics are best taken orally.  For constitutional treatment with Thuja please consult your local registered homeopath.  This remedy is not to be taken too frequently.