Stress Remedy

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  • Assists in calming and relaxing the mind and body during stressful times.
  • Uses:  for overworked, stressed workers, mothers, carers - for anyone who feels the effects of long term/chronic stress in their lives.
  • Contains the following constituents:
  • Nux Vomica 12C:  homoeopathic remedy for people who undergo much mental work or those who remain under stress and strain in prolonged office work, business cares and worries.
  • Kali Phos 12X:  homoeopathic remedy for people who are nervous, sensitive, weak and who tire easily.
  • Aspen:  Bach flower essence for unexplained fears and worries.  Sense of drowning in one\'s anxieties.  Groundless fears with anticipation and dread.  Sudden anxiety attacks when alone or with people.  Stops one's imaginary fears running wild.
  • Bells of Ireland:  Flower essence that encourages groundedness.  Enhances the connection of the physical body to the Earth and nature.  Strengthens connective tissue.  Relieves stress and anxiety.
  • Black Eyed Susan:  Australian Bush Flower Esssence that helps a person who is always "on the go" or "driven" to slow down and find their own inner peace.  For the feeling of lack of time and the desire to do ten things at once.  Always in rush/ hurried feeling.  Allows a person to accomplish the same number of tasks in an tranquil, unhurried manner
  • Boronia:  Australian Bush Flower Essence that dispels obsessive or repetitive thought patterns.  Provides clarity of thought by clearing the mind of its ceaseless chatter.
  • Cherry Plum:  Bach flower essence that addresses the fear of loss of one's mind or the feeling that one is about to "lose it".  Fear of one's own sub-conscious conflicts that cannot be articulated.  Enhances ability to face one's fear and courage to speak about repressed fears.
  • Dog Rose of the Wild Forces:  Australian Bush Flower Essence that helps regain control of one's emotional world whilst simultaneously introducing a sense of tranquility and emotional balance.
  • Mint Bush:  Australian Bush Flower Essence that soothes the emotional turmoil and mental confusion associated with stress.  Encourages a state of tranquility and mental clarity to help cope with the stress factors.
  • Paw Paw:  Australian Bush Flower Essence - the "overwhelm" essence.  Helps assimilate the stress factor more easily and increases one's ability to solve problems.
  • Dosage:  7 drops under the tongue in morning (on rising) and at night (on going to bed) for 2-3 weeks.  Alternatively, can be taken 3 x a day for one week only.
  • Oral liquid - 30ml