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SILICA = Silicon Dioxide, Quartz, Pure Flint

Best remedy for forcing out splinters or other small foreign body - also strengthens the body.  In first aid treatment excellent for forcing foreign bodies out, but beware if you have a pace-maker, grommets, metal pins etc. – do not use! In acute illnesses suits chilly types, who keep getting infections, which are very slow to clear up. Thirsty. Perspires easily.  Also helps a person be more sure of themselves and stand up to opposition or criticism.

Mental/emotional state –Sensitive, yielding, refined people – self-doubting, easily startled by noise. Overworked mental state. Lack of self confidence and ability to stand up for oneself. Timidity and mildness yet with an inner resistance.

Food/Drink – Desires – Cold food; milk. Averse – meat, mother’s milk   Thirst – great.

Better: warmth

Worse: cold (air, drafts); damp, wet weather.

How to Take – Over 10 yrs of age - give 30C potency – 1 dose – repeat up to 4x if necessary – 15 minutes apart.   Then take 4 doses for 3-4 days. If symptoms persist seek advice from your health practitioner. 1 dose = 7 drops -either under tongue or in ½ glass water. From 1-10yrs old – give as above but 1 dose = 4 drops under tongue. Stop if symptoms worsen or improve.

About this remedy – Silica is a loose powder that is extracted from silicon dioxide. This element is found in minerals such as quartz and sandstone and is also found in many plants. In the human body Silica is the body’s basic building material for strong nails and hair.

Complaints – Apart from its ability to expel foreign objects from the body – e.g. thorns, broken glass or splinters of wood, it is also useful in defects of bone, spine, hair, nails, and teeth due to poor mineral absorption. Helpful in slow developing boils; ill effects of vaccination (seek homeopathic advice re this) and low stamina with recurrent infections esp. of respiratory tract. Good remedy for ingrown toe nails, corns and boils.