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Sepia Offinalis = Cuttlefish Ink

Useful remedy for conditions brought about by hormonal changes in women. Suits those who are worn out and have a dragged-down, heavy feeling. Indifferent to loved ones & husband.   Chilly. Weepy. Dislike sympathy, prefer to be alone. Desires acidic things and chocolate.  Good women’s remedy who is juggling career& home life and feeling the burden of responsibility with irritability. Often averse to partner/husband, shouts at children.  Desire to be alone and independent.

Better: vigorous exercise; eating; warmth; open air; keeping busy

Worse: during menstruation; missing a meal; pregnancy;menopause; cold, on waking & evening

How to Take – take 1 dose a day for 3-5 days. Stop if symptoms worsen or improve. Do not take whilst menstruating.

Complaints:   Sepia is traditionally womens’ a remedy that is particularly effective in treating certain menstrual and menopausal complaints. For example it can alleviate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome; disorders during pregnancy& if the symptoms fit many menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats and headaches. Severe depression.

Mental/emotional state – ideal for “worn out washerwomen” – this concept of being overworked; exhausted to a state of apathy & indifference.. Feels better when alone; averse to company; irritable housewives and overwhelmed espcially while making supper – becomes irritated & yells at children; tearful; care-worn; mental dullness; sluggishness & confusion.

Food/Drink – Desires – alcoholic drinks; cold drinks; chocolate; pickles; sweets; sour food

About This Remedy – Like Pulsatilla this is a major polychrest remedy for women – one of top 10 prescribed homeopathically.   It was discovered by Hahnemann after observing the symptoms in an artist whose symptoms improved after he had been licking his brushes which were soaked with sepia paint. We can remember “Sepia tones” in old photographic work – where the photos were painted with the brown/black ink from the cuttlefish to give a brown hue. The juice is ejected from the abdomen of the cuttlefish as a form of camouflage to protect themselves in times of danger. Hormonal normaliser. This remedy stimulates liver metabolism which promotes optimal use of nutrients and assists with healthy elimination