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Natrum Muriaticum = Sodium Chloride = Rock Salt

Best remedy for cold sores. If on the lips (with no other strong symptoms). Very sensitive people who remember the smallest slights for a long time. Feel everything so acutely they tend to protect themselves by shutting themselves off. They feel worse for consolation, except from a chosen few (or one). An important remedy for silent grief (the stiff upper lip). The middle of the lower lip may be deeply cracked. Discharges like egg white. Crave salt.

  • Better: lying down; resting sweating; open air; sweating; seashore;

    Worse: heat; sympathy; in morning 9-11 am; exposure to sun; before menses; after eating; puberty

  • How to Take30C potency – Age 8-100 yrs – 1 dose = 7 drops in ½ glass water - give 3 doses for 3-4 days. Stop when symptoms improve.. Age 0-8yrs – give 4 drops under tongue – give 3 doses for 1 day only. Stop dosage if symptoms worsen.   For 200C potency – take 1 dose for 2 days For severe states of grief take 1M potency 1 dose & repeat in 3 days if required.

  • About this remedy – This remedy is prepared from common table salt or rock salt. Pure salt crystals are ground down with lactose sugar to prepare the remedy. It is used to treat long standing emotional upsets – particularly grief. Ignatia is the acute of Nat.Mur.

  • Complaints – Around disturbed water balance in body – symptoms may alternate from dryness of lips, skin, stool or mucous membranes with great thirst to profuse, watery discharges. Cold sores on the lower lip, corner of lip that appear esp. after sun exposure or after unexpressed grief. Common cold – catarrh like egg white, then dry & blocked. Loss of taste/smell. Worse in open air. Headache - like 1,000 hammers, starts in morning often after grief, during menses.

  • Mental/emotional state - Sad, depressed, weepy (likes to go away and cry on their own); consolation causes more distress, even anger, unless comforted by the right person. Closed off. The person may “wall themselves off” from hurt – don’t want to be hurt any more. Broods about unpleasant events. Great desire for solitude. Very responsible people who like to deal with problems themselves. Silent grief. Grief states brought about by much hurt – especially in past.  Grief related to children or mother.

  • Specific information on Nat Mur & Grief - is used for grief that is "old" or not new (for recent grief with crying - use Ignatia for fresh grief)

    • ailments from grief - a good remedy to have when there has been a series of grief throughout one's life

    • where a person is not able to cry

    • person stoically keeps going under all circumstances - doesn't allow themselves to "give in" and sees emotion as a weakness

    • often craves salt

    • feels better by the ocean/sea/walking on beach

    • often has water balance problems on a physical level in the body

    • feels worse if people try to console them - prefers to deal with problems themelves

    • often very particular and mentally active but emotionally cut off

    • very good remedy for mothers for dealing with sadness associated with one's children or for children dealing with sadness or grief of one's mother (e.g. long held grief of mother dying)

    • cold sores

  • Food/Drink – Desires – bitter or salty food – loves to put salt on food. Aversions – bread; anything slimy e.g. oysters or fat. Unquenchable thirst.