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Magnesium Phosphoricum = Phosphate of Magnesia

Known as the homeopathic aspirin. Very effective if crushed in warm water and sipped. Useful for neuralgia of the head and face, cramping or shooting pains. Relieves headaches; toothaches; menstrual pain. Those who respond well to this remedy may be sensitive or nervous types who often talk about their pains. Always seek professional homeopathic treatment if symptoms persist.

Better: warmth; firm pressure; hot bathing; bending doubleWorse: cold of any kind (e.g. wind, bath, night, milk); uncovering; touch; right side;

How to Take – Over 10 yrs of age - give 30C potency – 1 dose repeat up to 4x if necessary 15 minutes apart. 1 dose = 7 drops -either under tongue or in ½ glass water.   Then take 4 doses for 3-4 days. Under 10 years give 4 drops under tongue, dosage as above. Stop dosage if symptoms worsen. If symptoms persist seek advice from your health practitioner.

About this remedy Mag. Phos. Is one of the best known remedies for cramps; colic and pain especially menstrual cramps. It has a relaxing effect on the nerves, muscles and mind. Person needing this remedy is chilly. Made from equal parts of Magnesium Sulphate + Sodium Phosphate combined in water.

Complaints – Pains from irritation of nerves (neuralgia) and spasms; pains are violent, excruciating; maddening; cutting; stinging; cramping; griping; better for hard pressure and heat. Tiredness, exhaustion. Cramps from overexertion. Used for pain of sudden onset and helps disperse blockages in the nerves and muscles cramps, twitching muscles, sciatica, lumbago. Counteracts nervousness and restlessness and calms irritable minds. Abdominal colic, stomach cramps.

Mental/emotional state.always talking and lamenting about the pain; irritability, restlessness; talks to oneself constantly; anxious & restless. Person is often thin & exhausted.

Food/Drink Desires very cold drinks