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LedumPalustre = Wild Rosemary or Marsh Tea

Best remedy for puncture wounds. Like Hypericum, Ledum has reputed anti-tetanus properties. Use to treat deep wounds (e.g. those caused by nails) and bites from both animals and insects. Pains are sticking, tearing and throbbing. Area is swollen, blue and cold but, strangely, feels hot to the sufferer. Better for cold water, cold applications or cold bathing; rest, keeping the part still   Worse: warmth; movement of affected part; night

How to Take – CHILDREN 0-8 yrs -1 Dose = 4 drops under the tongue. Give 3 doses for 1 day then 2 doses on 2nd day. If no improvement after first dose - seek urgent medical help. AGE 8-100yrs - 1 Dose = 7 drops in ½ glass of water or under tongue. Give 3 doses for 2-3 days - depending on when symptoms clear. Stop when symptoms improve. If no improvement after 1st day, seek urgent medical help. Give 1 dose immediately to prevent tetanus from deep puncture wounds. Seek urgent medical help as well.Chronic Rheumatism - Give 2-3 doses for 2-3 days, depending on when symptoms improve. Stop when symptoms improve.

About this remedyLedum Palustre is a plant remedy that got its name from the fine, woolly hairs on the underside of the rosemary plant that gave it its Greek name ledos meaning “woolly robe. Wild Rosemary has been known for its antiseptic qualities for centuries. Acts on the skin, small joints such as ankles and wrists and tendons.

Complaints - PUNCTURE WOUNDS FROM SHARP POINTED OBJECTS (that feel cold or bleed little - e.g. injury from stepping on a nail; needle punctures)- Where the puncture wound or bites is puffy, purple and feels cold to the touch. The wound always feels better from cold applications, is worse from heat and is sensitive to touch.  

INSECT BITES (ticks, mosquitoes, spiders, ants)

ANIMAL BITES (dog bites, snake bites - often have much swelling - inflammation. For poisonous bites seek urgent medical attention as well)

JOINT INJURIES For injuries to joints that have swelling and pain

CHRONIC RHEUMATISM- Relief from an attack of chronic rheumatism that is:   Better for cold applications; Rheumatism that often commences in the lower limbs and ascends; Stiffness of joints that is relieved by bathing in cold water; Joints are swollen and hot but not red (often pale)

Food/Drink Desires alcoholic drinks which makes the symptoms worse