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Kali Bichromicum = Bichromate of Potash

Best remedy for painful sinuses. Excellent remedy for colds and sinusitis, although chronic sinusitis is best treated by a qualified homoeopath. Its main characteristic is a very tough, stringy mucus. Thick yellow / green discharge, which smells (cf. Pulsatilla). Suits those who become ill after getting chilled and are chilly whilst sick. Despite this chilliness they feel worse in summer Pains are often in a small well-defined spot, but they can "wander".

Better: heat; motion

Worse: cold, damp weather; spring and autumn;1-3 am; after eating; on waking; cold from undressing.

How to Take –Over 10 yrs of age - give 30C potency – 1 dose repeat up to 4x if necessary 15 minutes apart.   Then take 4 doses for 3-4 days. If symptoms persist seek advice from your health practitioner. 1 dose = 7 drops -either under tongue or in ½ glass water. From 1-10yrs old give as above but 1 dose = 4 drops under tongue. Stop if symptoms worsen or improve.

About this remedy Kali Bich. Is prepared from potassium bichromate. Granules are triturated (ground down) before being made into the homoeopathic medicine. It is used to treat discharges from mucous membranes of nose, throat, stomach that are thick; tough; stringy; yellow. Pains are felt in small spots, may come and go quickly or move quickly from place to place. Used for chilly people who catch cold easily. Relieves sinus pain and helps blocked noses.

Complaints Used for conditions with thick, gluey discharges that can be pulled out into strings. Main remedy for sinusitis. Productive cough with think or stringy green sputum in asthma or bronchitis. Coughs are worse in the morning or after eating with tickling sensation in throat. Croup with stringy discharge. Headaches esp. migraine where pain is in one spot preceded by visual disturbances (blindness; blurred vision; dim vision)

Mental/emotional state.Irritable, gloomy; avoids mental or physical labour.

Food/Drink Desires - beer (also aggravates); acid drinks; sweets. Aversion: meat