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Ignatia Amara – St. Ignatius’ Bean

Best remedy for recent bereavement/emotional shock .  Useful for treating symptoms which following recent acute loss, grief or disappointed love. May not be able to accept what has happened and reacts with a sense of disbelief. Other signs may include hiccoughs, involuntary sighing or yawning. Weeps easily. Can be used to treat fainting and hysteria. Better: warmth; change of position; if alone; hard pressure; swallowing Worse: tobacco: fresh air; emotions (grief; anger, worry; fright); air (open or cold); touch; coffee; consolation; walking fast; on waking in the morning

How to Take –30C potency – Age 8-100 yrs – 1 dose = 7 drops in ½ glass water - give 3 doses for 3-4 days. Stop when symptoms improve.. Age 2-8yrs – give 4 drops under tongue – give 3 doses for 1 day only. Stop dosage if symptoms worsen.

About this remedy – This remedy was introduced to Europe from the Far East by Spanish Jesuits in the 17th century. Used mainly for emotional upsets and problems. It is the acute remedy of Nat. Mur. (Nat. Mur. is for long standing complaints).

Complaints - This remedy helps with ailments from anger; bad news; disappointment (especially disappointed love); fright and shame. The emotional state is foremost – often caused by grief or anxiety. The nervous system is affected with spasms or tremors. It is excellent for an immediate, acute state of grief, with irrational worries caused by feelings of great disappointment, loss or jealousy. Because the emotions are disturbed the person may change rapidly from one condition to its opposite – e.g. crying then laughing. Also used for acute illnesses following deep emotional shock or loss, break up of relationships, homesickness, death of a loved one.   Weeps very easily. Mental/emotional state – Involuntary sighing; brooding & moody; silent and sad, much crying and sighing. Emotional upheaval causes instability and nervousness.   Hysterical emotions. Beside one's self with grief.

Food/Drink – Desires – fruit, sour food. Averse – fruit; meat; milk; tobacco smoke.