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Hypericum Perforatium = St John’s Wort

Best remedy for injury to nerves & mild depression/sadness

Useful  first aid treatment for lacerated or puncture wounds sharp instruments or any injury to nerve-rich areas (e.g. from slamming door on fingers or falling on coccyx). Pains are extreme and shoot along the nerves. Reputed anti-tetanus properties.     Acts like an "Arnica to the nerves".

Worse: touch; movement; cold, damp weather; jarring; cold air

Better: keeping still; lying quietly

How to Take – Potency 30C  CHILDREN 2-8 yrs -1 Dose = 4 drops under tongue.  Take 3 doses a day as follows:

Injuries/ Wounds/ Minor Head injuries - 2 days;

Toothache - 1 day  Use 200C only once.  .AGE 8-100yrs - 1 Dose = 7 drops in ½ glass of water or under tongue. Take 3 doses a day  of 30C as follows: Injuries/wounds - 3 days; Minor Head injuries - 3 days;   Mild Depression - 1 day; Toothache - 1 day   Piles - 4 days. Stop if symptoms worsen or improve.  Alternatively, use 200C potency one dose a day for 2 days only only. 

About this remedy – Hypericum is a plant native to Asia & Europe and acts on the central nervous system and the peripheral nerves. Due to its anti-viral properties, it can be helpful for viral conditions such as cold sores. It assists in pain arising from damaged nerves and acts on the skin to support wound healing. The plant’s bright yellow flowers bloom around St John’s Day, marking the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. Thus it captures the maximum light from the sun.Complaints – Used for painful nerve injuries after cuts, bruises, burns and sores. Also used to treat post-operatively for painful incision wounds. Used for any injury & damage to nerve-rich tissues with excruciating pain, shooting pains, tingling or burning or with numbness in the part – e.g. for tongue, teeth, eyes, fingertips, genitalia. Esp. good for ends of fingers or toes – e.g. hitting with a hammer or crushing fingertips. After dental care when there is pain after the anaesthetic wears off or on site of injection of the needle. Encourages wound healing of nerve rich parts. Injuries to spine or coccyx. Bedsores – apply external cream – take internally if there is a sharp, shooting pain.

Mental/emotional state - effects of shock; melancholy; can be used for mild depression for 1 day only.

Food/Drink – Desires - Warm drinks, milk.