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Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum – Hahnemann's Calcium Sulphide

Best remedy for painful, infected wounds. Characterised by hypersensitivity to everything:pain touch; cold: noise: exertion. One of the chilliest known remedies. Emotionally can be violent and intense. Tendency to form pus. Pains stitching and splinter-like – like a “fish-bone caught in the throat” type of pain. (compare - Arg Nit).  Very sensitive to drafts and irritable. Works like a natural anti-biotic for all types of infections with pus.

Better: in wet weather – esp. warm wet weather; damp lying in warm bed; better for keeping covered up with no drafts;

Worse: uncovering: cold; much worse for draft; loud noises; touch

Complaints – used to treat inflammations of throat (tonsilitis; pharyngitis)with splinter like pains; abscesses & boils; mastitis; skin & mouth ulcers; poorly healing wounds with much weeping; pus filled wounds; acne; pus producing infections; ear infections.  The homeopathic equivalent of an antibiotic.  Works well for most bacterial infections, but ensure that symptoms are improving, otherwise seek medical help quickly.

Mental/emotional state – oversensitivity to all external stimuli, esp. pain; irritable and angry outbursts; critical; impatient; unable to control temper.

Food/Drink – Desires – strong craving for vinegar, acidic drinks. Averse- fatty food.

How to Take – 30C potency – Age 8-100 yrs – 1 dose = 7 drops in ½ glass water - give 3 doses for 3-4 days. Stop when symptoms improve. If no improvement on 2nd day, seek urgent medical advice. Age 2-8yrs – give 4 drops under tongue – give 3 doses for 1 day. If no improvement after 3rd dose, seek urgent medical advice. Stop dosage if symptoms worsen.

About this remedy – Hepar Sulph. Is a remedy prepared from equal parts of powdered oyster shells and pure sulphur. It is kept at white heat for 10 minutes, dissolved in hydrochloric acid, then triturated or ground – the potencies are made from this. Dr Samue Hahnemann himself developed this remedy that targets the skin & mucous membranes of the mouth & throat. Secretions (perspiration & nasal discharge) are often thick, yellow, foul smelling (cheesy). Person is chilly & sweats easily & aggravated from cold & drafts.