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Gelsemium - Yellow Jasmine

Best remedy for flu. Especially if there is shivering up and down the spine. Characterised by desire to lie down & heavy eyelids.  Complete physical prostration, coupled with mental alertness. Patient trembles, has aching muscles and heaviness especially of the head and eyes - even the eyelids droop.   Provides courage & strength to cope and to muster the inner strength to face challenges.

Excellent remedy for anticipatory anxiety (e.g. interview/exam) – where there is desire to lie down and sense of heaviness in the body.

Better: for profuse sweating or urination.

Worse: movement; emotions; fear; fright; bad news; shocks (sudden bad news); humid weather; heat of sun in summer;

Complaints: It is an excellent remedy for influenzas, colds, laryngitis with the following symptoms – runny nose, drooping eyelids; weakness; muscles are weak, heavy feeling in body; thirstless; possible dizziness; strong desire to lie down and just go to sleep; sore throat with pain on swallowing.

Prophylactic can be used to prevent flu if other members in the house have it strengthens the immune system take 3 doses of 30C Gelsemium for 1 day only to ward off influenza.

Mental/emotional state dullness of thought; listless; apathetic; mental lethargy; wants to quiet & left alone, drowsy; dreads upcoming recent ordeals (e.g. exams, job interviews;) anticipatory anxiety. Emotions are affected by any sudden shock or surprise or bad news.

Food/Drink no marked desires or aversions. Absence of thirst.

How to TakeOver 10 yrs of age - give 30C potency – 1 dose repeat up to 4x if necessary 15 minutes apart.   Then take 4 doses for 3-4 days. If symptoms persist seek advice from your health practitioner. 1 dose = 7 drops -either under tongue or in ½ glass water. From 1-10yrs old give as above but 1 dose = 4 drops under tongue. Stop if symptoms worsen or improve.

About This RemedyGelsemium is prepared from the root of the plant, yellow jasmine, a climbing plant native to North America. Homoeopathically it stimulates motor nerves, enhances brain performance and strengthens muscles. It has a balancing, calming and normalising effect on over-excitability and nervousness (and is useful for treating illnesses involving weakness, fatigue, trembling. Excellent for stage fright & apprehension before public speaking & exams with weakness.