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CHAMOMILLA – German Chamomile

Best remedy for teething & bad tempered children.  Especially if child has one red cheek. Characterized by over sensitivity. Pains are intolerable and appear to be out of all proportion to the illness or injury. Suited to bad tempered children who are only quiet when carried and constantly request, then reject things. They are hot and sweaty (esp the head). Contrary nature – want one thing, then the other.

Better: being carried; esp. children

Worse: 9pm to midnight; anger, night time, teething, dry weather; coffee; alcohol

How to TakeChamomilla 30C. To calm children 0-6 years 1 dose (4 drops under the tongue) Give one dose only. If not calm in 10 mins repeat once. For teething& earaches in children 0-8 years 1 dose = 4 drops under the tongue. Give 3 doses for 2 days. Stop when symptoms improve or if they worsen. If no improvement of symptoms on 1st day seek urgent medical help esp for earaches esp. if any discharge from the ear. Adult Irritability 1 dose 7 drops under tongue or in ½ glass water 1-2 doses only, 10 minutes apart.        

This remedy is a member of the daisy family- the juice is extracted from the fresh, whole plant when in flower in late Spring in Europe or America.

About this remedy Known as the baby remedy , Chamomile is characterised for its amazing sensitivity to pain and an angry, irritable response to that pain. Good for childhood ailments (& occasional adult) where the child cannot sit still due to pain. It increases the pain threshold of children helping them to deal with pain rather than aspirin or panadol. Hyperactivity of children where child is overstimulated, irritable, restless, angry, quarrelsome, difficult to please. Good remedy for calming children in a tantrum state if the symptoms fit. Also good for people who are impatient, rude or angry when ill. Child screams or shrieks with pain.

Complaints - Calming children; teething; temper tantrums; children’s ailments (also good for angry adults/adolescents too!). Can also be used to calm mild digestive disturbances…

Mental/emotional state Excessive irritability. Too ugly to live with. If person is not in an angry state dont give remedy.  

Food/Drink Desires sour drinks