Ars. Alb.

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Arsenicum Album = The white oxide of Metallic Arsenic

Main remedy for food poisoning & general prostration with great restlessness and anxiety.  Also a remedy for great prostration, with rapid sinking of the vital forces; fainting.

Very worried about one's health and the health of others.  Characterised by great physical prostration with mental restlessness. Patient does not want to be left alone. May have a fear of death.

Generals -  Pains and discharges are burning, yet the patient feels chilly and all symptoms, except headache, are better for heat. Thirsty for frequent sips of usually hot drinks. Better: warmth; lying down. Worse: midnight - 3am

  • Cold& chilly persons with strong craving for heat.
  • Fear of death with inner & outer restlessness
  • Acrid, excoriating (corrosive) discharges (often with putrid smell)
  • Burning pains that are better for heat – pains burn like fire
  • Strong desire for company due to fear.
  • Worse at night. Attacks of anxiety at night driving out of bed, << after midnight
  • Mentally restless, but physically too weak to move; cannot rest in any place; changing places continually; wants to be moved from one bed to another, and lies now here, now there.
  • Anxious fear of death; thinks it useless to take medicine, is incurable, is surely going to die; dread of death, when alone, or, going to bed.
  • Great thirst for cold water; drinks often, but takes little sips at a time.
  • Gastric derangement; after cold fruits; ice cream; ice water; sour beer; bad sausage; alcoholic drinks; strong cheese.
  • Teething children are pale, weak, fretful, and want to be carried rapidly.
  • Diarrhoea after eating or drinking; stool scanty, dark-coloured, offensive, and whether small or large, followed by great prostration.
How to Take – Give 12C or 30C potency – 1 dose (Childen under 10- 4 drops; Adults- 7 drops) – repeat in 20 minutes, repeat up to 6 times in one day. Stop on amelioration of symptoms.   Don’t take for more than 2 days – seek expert medical advice if no improvement.