Anger Essence

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  • Flower Essence combination specifically formulated for anger.
  • Contains the following essences:
    • Dagger Hakea – for anger, resentment & bitterness towards those close to you, a “forgiveness” remedy. Encourages an open expression of feelings.
    • Mountain Devil – assists with anger, hatred, aggression, envy, jealousy, holding grudges.       Opens the heart to unconditional love and happiness
    • Impatiens - helps with impatience & the frustration & irritability caused by impatience…. Helps people be less hasty and more relaxed and patient with others
    • Holly – for anger based on hatred, suspicion, envy or jealousy… encourages generosity of spirit & openness to others
    • Black Eyed Susan – for impatience, stress and irritability – engenders stillness, slowing down & inner peace
    • Slender Rice Flower - for prejudice, lack of co-operation – helps with conflict resolution, group harmony, humility and working with others
  • Dosage - Take 1 dose (7 drops under tongue) night & morning for 2-3 weeks