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This information is an entry point into some of the concepts of this book....

The Caduceus is an embodiment of Consciousness.  The three material threads of Consciousness that weave the fabric of the universe are information, light and matter. This fact has implications for the understanding of who you are and your relationship to the universe. These three streams explain quantum theory and the integration of gravity into its laws. This is a remarkable fact.
It is the physics of Consciousness that underpins the dynamics of the quantum state. Through the study of the science of Consciousness, it can be understood how the universe is constructed and thus pave the way to understanding the human body.  It is my sincere hope that the concepts of this book will be accepted by physicists and scientists.  They can then be experimentally proven. This will lead to a wider scope of scientific exploration than is currently experienced.

Through the process of writing this book, I have come to understand and value that The Caduceus is:

  • A map of the energy grid of the human body, Earth and the whole Universe

  • A symbol showing the blueprint for unlimited energy production

  • A symbol of mathematical and scientific principles

  • A map of Consciousness

  • A symbol of the future

  • The meaning of life

  • The template of life

  • A road map of life

  • The fractal of life

This book is a book for NOW!  It is also a book for the future.  Its intention is to change the Consciousness of humans to ensure its survival.  By understanding AND implementing the concepts in this text, humanity will be able to move through its current dilemmas and into the golden Age of Aquarius where we live in harmony with each other and our sovereign planet.  It is a self-help book for the planet.

The intention for the book is also related to the three strands of Consciousness, since the information will:

  1. change the Consciousness of the planet to 6th Chakra (Brow) awareness.  This will integrate polarities and create harmony and unity (sattwa - U(1)).

  2. catalyse humanity into cohesive action to ensure its survival via the implementation of the new sustainable political model - Eternalism (rajas - SU(3)).

  3. alter the perception of the physical world and pave the way for new technology (tamas - SU(2)).

To purchase the book please email:  sales@naturalhealthshop.com.au.

May humanity, Earth and all its inhabitants live long and harmoniously!

With best wishes
Christina Munns

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