The Caduceus

What is The Caduceus?

Origins and meaning

The Caduceus is an ancient symbol traditionally associated with medicine and healing.  However, it can equally be a symbol for the fields of science, mathematics and their application to living systems. It also depicts the evolution of human consciousness and serves as a model for the structure of the Universe.  It is from this sacred symbol that the Unified Standard Model of Unified Field Theory was developed. (My website for this =

Adopted as the Western medical profession’s insignia in the early twentieth century, The Caduceus symbolises an understanding of the primordial origins of both the healing process and disease itself.1  The word “caduceus” comes from the Greek word “kerykeionwhich literally means “Herald’s staff”.  A herald was originally a messenger sent by monarchs to convey a message or proclamation.  A staff is known as being a magical artifact or wand associated with wisdom and the ability to perform mystical actions.  This aspect of a staff is repeatedly shown in the scriptures of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.2  The staff is also a symbol of power and is said to be the axis or pole by which the ancient messenger gods travel between Heaven and Earth.

Through the process of writing the book, “1 = 3: The Caduceus”,  I have come to understand and value that The Caduceus is:  

  • A map of the energy grid of the human body, Earth and the entire cosmos.

  • A symbol showing the blueprint for unlimited energy production

  • A symbol of mathematical and scientific principles

  • A symbol for the ladder of Consciousness within

  • A healing symbol for humanity and Planet Earth

  • The meaning of life

  • The template of life

  • A road map of life 

  • The fractal of life 

On researching the origins of this mystical symbol, many references are found that shows it is originally associated with the goddess Iris, a messenger god who is the personification of the rainbow.3  A rainbow has seven colours (like the seven colours of each of the circles in the central column).  This is where the word “iridescent” arises for objects that reflect the colours of the rainbow.  A rainbow is also a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth.  This surely is what The Caduceus truly is – a bridge with an important message, a proclamation that has been shrouded in mystery for centuries.  This is also what this book is – a proclamation.  It proclaims the message of The Caduceus – its true meaning and symbolism of wisdom enshrined within its mysterious form – an important message for an important time – the troubled early 21st century. 

The Greek god Hermes, is most commonly associated with The Caduceus.  Like Iris, Hermes is a bearer of The Caduceus.  He too was a herald of the gods, bearing messages from them to humanity.  He was known as the god of commerce, thieves, sports, travellers and boundary crossings.   He was also the god of invention, weights and measures and had a reputation as a sly trickster! 4  Small wonder that the Western medical profession would rather not associate itself with the god of tricksters, cunning, commerce and thieves.  At the very least, it is an embarrassing identification!

From my research it would appear that Iris, Hermes and his later counterpart, the Roman god Mercury were all preceded by the Egyptian god Thoth, an ibis headed god representative of science, mathematics, healing, medicine and wisdom.  It is these five areas upon which the framework for the book of 1=3:  The Caduceus - Unity of Science, Spirituality and Consciousness is built.  Like Iris, Hermes & Mercury, Thoth was also perceived as a “go-between” messenger between Heaven and Earth.  He was involved with “stepping in when things get out of balance and infusing his wisdom into the most dire of situations”. It is my view that this is why this information about the wisdom of The Caduceus is now becoming known, as humanity is in a fairly dire situation at present.

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