Subtle Bodies

Subtle Bodies

What is becoming more and more widely accepted in western society is that the human body does not just consist merely of the physical body but also contains a series of other bodies that integrate spatially into the physical body.  These other four bodies are called "subtle bodies". Here is an image of the five subtle bodies in the human body:

The best way to explain these other four bodies (etheric, emotional, mental and causal) is to say that they are like a series of five balloons, one inside the other, with the physical body being the innermost balloon.  In this way we can understand that they all share the same space simultaneously, but are also independent of each other.  If you can imagine that each of the balloons has a porous membrane so that they are interconnecting with the balloon in which it rests, you can have a better idea of the fact that these bodies are able to communicate with each other.  All the bodies interact with the chakra-nadi system on the vertical plane and have an impact on the PNEI axis (psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune axis), which is why these bodies play a pivotal role in our health.  Just like the physical body, the four bodies of the subtle plane can be cut, grazed, incised, bruised, atrophied or polluted on an energetic level.  

The physical body contains the three states of solid, liquid and gas.  So the three states of the physical body and the four subtle bodies constitute seven vibrationary levels.  So we can see that the number seven again plays its role in these subtle fields as it does with the chakra system.  Essentially, it is the seven vibrational frequencies of the chakras that form the elements/colours on the vertical plane and on the horizontal plane that form the different bodies.  Here is a table showing these two planes of existence that the chakra system creates: 


Thus, it can be demonstrated that the chakra system of The Caduceus is related to the vibrational frequencies of materiality on the horizontal plane and the wavelength states of colour the  on the vertical plane.  This knowledge is useful not only for its application to the human body, but also to the universe itself since the state of materiality exists on the X axis and the phenomena of sound and time, and is related to the unitary symmetry group of SU(2), whilst the wavelengths of colour relate to the Y axis and the phenomena of charge, heat and gravity.




[1]Gordon Herbert, <>

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