This section is devoted to my work related to healing and energetic anatomy.  I have been a registered homeopath for sixteen years now which has been an incredibly rewarding and humbling experience to support the healing journey of my clients. After nine years of explaining to every new client about how the body operates from an energetic perspective, I felt that it was important to write a book about the information so that it could reach a wider audience, as I was aghast at the lack of understanding in the general western society of how the human body truly operates - i.e. that it is the subtle energy systems of chakras, nadis and meridians that govern the physical body systems and organs.  It is the research into how energy operates in the body and the symbol of The Caduceus that has been one of the major platforms for the development of Unified Field Theory, since in the process of writing 1=3:  The Caduceus I discovered that light had to have three components in order to comply with the Vedic principles of light, energy and matter.  This was the pathway for me to discover that light contains information.

Three years later I set about writing a book for scientists to understand that light contains information and in the process of researching this I discovered that I could understand quantum physics and understood so much more at that point that I ended up documenting all the information that became Principia Unitas - the books on Unified Field Theory - www.principia.net.au.

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