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The vision for this site is to promote the scientific basis for homeopathic medicine which is based on quantum mechanics.  It is hoped that more people will become comfortable taking homeopathic medicine as a preference over chemical synthetic drug therapy.  The human body is a natural system and does not operate properly on synthetic substances.  Just as we don't put orange juice into a car because it runs on petrol, so too does the human body need pure natural substances for its optimal functioning.

This site has the following intention:

  • for all Australians to have access to homeopathic remedies

  • for all Australians to experience the effectiveness of homeopathic medicine

  • for all Australians to learn when to self-prescribe & when to seek advice from a Registered Homeopath or other medical practitioner

  • to increase the energetic health of as many Australians as possible... this in turn will make our country even greater & more inspirational....

To your good health....  

Christina Munns, Dip. Hom.,
AROH Reg., M.A.R.O.H.
Registered Homeopath/Author


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