The second energetic framework within The Caduceus is the chakra system.  “Chakra” literally means “wheel of light” in Sanskrit.  The chakras consist of eight circles, commencing from the red (base chakra) below the second lumbar vertebrae of the spine, to the white eighth chakra above the crown of the head.

The chakras are aligned vertically along the spinal column at the juncture where the ida and pingala nadis intersect each other, as they entwine themselves on their upward spiral of the sushumna.  The intersecting currents of subtle energy create oval swirling vortices of energy.  These act as step down transformers of the energy current of the nadis. Bruce Berger in his wonderful book, “Esoteric Anatomy – The Body as Consciousness”, explains…. “The Caduceus is a representation of the ultrasonic core, the nucleus of the subtle energy fields of the body.  All energy fields of the body are emanations from this potent fulcrum”.[1]

Throughout the explanations here in the book, “1 = 3:  The Caduceus” about the chakras and The Caduceus, we need to appreciate that the three gunas (universal principles or three unitary symmetry groups) will always be present in each of the respective chakra/ frequency/field states.

The chakras work as step-down transformers of the  from the sushumna nadi into each of the vibrationary frequencies of the body/object.  These frequencies are:  physical (solid, liquid, gas, plasma), etheric, emotional, mental, causal (will), spiritual. 


A most interesting factor about the chakras is that they each resonate at a different frequency… this can be seen in the following table (adapted to add indigo frequency)….[2]


It can be observed from the above diagram that the colours of the visible light spectrum are exactly the same colours as each of the chakras and in the same vibrational order.

The EMR (electromagnetic) frequency of The Caduceus is related to the absorptive and reflective properties of light – i.e. the bandwidth between 280nm and 1250nm.  This is the bandwidth where biological states exist.  There are obviously other bandwidths in the universe, such as gamma, ultra violet & radio waves, but these do not allow for the formation of life because they either absorb or reflect too much light.   Hence the subtle processes required for biological presence cannot occur under these conditions.

It should be noted that bacteria were the first form of life (although some people believe that crystals were since they too can “grow”). Like human skin, bacteria too exhibit solvachromatic (light absorbing) properties.  Gram-positive bacteria having a blue/purple stain and related to the pingala nadi, whilst gram-negative bacteria have a pink/red or ida nadi qualities.  These are the beginning states of life[3]

The colour of each chakra is related not only to frequency of the physical body (organs and physical functions and dysfunctions[4]), but also to the inner body of the mind and emotions and associated functions and dysfunctions.[5]

The colours of the lower chakras (1-3) vibrate at a lower frequency or cycles per second (Hertz/Hz) than those of the higher chakras (5-7).  Each chakra matches the frequency of perception and level of consciousness in the human body.  The higher frequency of the upper chakras (5-7) facilitates higher states of consciousness or clarity of perception that are not available to individuals perceiving their life experience through the lenses of the lower chakras.  For more information on this please refer to Chakras & Wisdom in the book 1=3:  The Caduceus.

The longer the wavelength, the lower the energy level.  Therefore the lower chakras have less energy than the higher ones. Due to their shorter frequency, they contain less light.   The shorter the wavelength, the greater the number of photons and  thus the higher the energy level.  Thus the higher chakras (5-7) contain more light/energy than the first four chakras.  For the purposes of simplicity, I have omitted discussing Chakra 8 (white) as this is not within the visible light spectrum.  Suffice to say, that the colour white is a combination of all the seven colours of the visible light spectrum.

 Isaac Newton’s experiments with colour proved that only three colours are necessary to produce white light.  I believe these colours are related to the beginnings of life and to the three major nadis as follows:

As the above colours are mixed, they become the seven colours of the chakras (or rainbow!). [6]  Depending on whether the RGB or RYB colour wheel is used, the seven colours are mixed like this: 

From the above information we can understand that the various wave frequencies of colour in the body and in the universe are directly related to the position of the chakra colour on the central column (sushumna) of The Caduceus.  This correlation with The Caduceus and colour/frequency is in line with the aspect of The Caduceus being a model of the human body and the unified field Itself.   From Earth (low frequency) at the base chakra to Pure Consciousness/God (high frequency) at the crown chakra.  In a human being the lower frequencies of the body/mind/emotions of the colon, tribal perception and fear evolve into the higher frequencies of the crown chakra of unity consciousness and unconditional love.

There is MUCH more information about chakras, how they operate, what parts of the body they govern and which healing modalities best support their blossoming in the book 1=3:  The Caduceus.

[1] Berger, Bruce, Esoteric Anatomy – The Body As Consciousness, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California, USA, 1998, p 218

[2] Craig F. Bohren, Fundamentals of Atmospheric Radiation: An Introduction with 400 Problems, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, Germany, March 2006

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