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Healing Books

Here are the books I have written relating to health and healing.

1=3:  The Caduceus - Unity of Science, Spirituality & Consciousness

This book was written in 2010 to help people understand that the human body is not just flesh and bones but is in fact operated via information and energy.  The subtle anatomy of the human body is explained including chakras, nadis and the meridian system.  The symbol of The Caduceus has been the source of inspiration for me to more deeply understand quantum physics and along with ancient cosmology has been the platform on which I developed the Unified Standard Model.  Read more:

Soul Reason - A Guide to Life

This book was written in 1991 in order to help people perceive different problems that can arise in a human being's life from a broad-based spiritual perspective. 
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Homeopathy in the Home

This book was written in 2013 and grew out of a course I wrote on how to self-prescribe homeopathic medicines in the home for acute and simple conditions such as cuts, bruises, colds, teething, shock and  and muscular strain. The book can be purchased for $20 plus postage here.

Principia Unitas - Vol. VI - On the Quantum Mechanics of Homeopathy

Briefly this book explains how the information within a homeopathic medicine operates within biological systems. The information of the homeopathic medicine in hydrogen ions is transferred via the process of hydrogen bonding. The process of what occurs at the quantum scale to electrons during the succussion and dilution process are explained. The quantum signature contained in the three quarks of the proton of hydrogen in the water molecule of the homeopathic substance is transferred first to extracellular water molecules and is then further transferred, again by the process of proton diffusion to the rings of DNA nucleic acids via hydrogen bonding.  The book can be purchased for $30 plus postage here.



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