This site has been running for nearly ten years now.  It is run by the classical homeopath and independent researcher Christina Munns.                                                                                 .

I have a real vision for homeopathy in Australia - that people come to recognise its ability to cure many types of ailments with ease and minimal side effects.  Having a few homeopathic medicines for home use is often very sensible advice for both first aid use and simple short term ailments such as coughs, colds and low grade fevers.  Children especially can be easily helped with homeopathic medicines and from an early age they intuitively know that they are curative for them.  Older people and the very frail are also greatly helped by using homeopathic remedies.  In fact potentially EVERYONE can be helped with homeopathy - including the family pet and plants and crops.  Animals respond well to homeopathic remedies and I was able to save my dog's life with the use of Apis (Honey Bee) and Shock Ease Remedy and Aconite... when she got badly bitten by a bee.... at 6pm on a Sat. night, no vet was in close proximity and having the homeopathic remedies on hand helped her live.

Feel free to browse through the descriptions of the remedies... I encourage you to read the book I have written on How To Use Homeopathic Remedies in the Home... this book is written to be used with the Helios 36 remedy Home Remedy Kit... that way you can help yourself with simple ailments and call on a professional homeopath for more serious and complex issues.

I hope you benefit from learning about homeopathy... it truly is the medicine of the future.

with best wishes

P.S.  to read my theory on how homeopathy works at the quantum level please download it from this site:  


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